Dec, 22 Posted by Stefy

I wanted to let you all know that orders will be closed for the next few days. I will keep on working on the orders that I’ve got but since I’m really busy it might take a little bit more, so please be patient.

Nov, 26 Posted by Stefy

I’ve added 2 new packages! Those 2 new packages are coding packages, you send me your graphics and I will code your wordpress/coppermine theme, but this 2 packages aren’t free. All the other packages are free like they’ve always been. There is also a new rule, when you make your order and you fill in the form do it in English, if your order won’t be in English I won’t consider it and this mean that I won’t do it, I’m sorry but I can’t keep on spending time just to translate from Spanish, German, French, etc. If you’ve send in an order and you haven’t heard from me yet make sure it’s respecting all the rules even the new one.

Aug, 8 Posted by Stefy

Welcome to Broken Heart Designs, your new source for free designs and graphics stuff. The site is officially open, I’m still working on it to add more extras, icons and designs that I’ve done in the past. Keep on checking everyday for new things and feel free to order what you need.