Oct, 21 Posted by Stefy

New onliners today! This time there are two new wordpress theme, one of them (Stella Hudgens Daily) is already online, the other one not and since I’ve made it weeks ago I don’t think they’re gonna use it. I will add more onliners later so stay turned. Orders are still open, but if you order please read the rules before and don’t order themes if then you don’t use them!

Sep, 15 Posted by Stefy

Here we go with some new onliners! One is a coppermine theme for kim-heechul.net (I’ve also made a wordpress theme for the same site, as soon as they will use it I will add it here too), I’ve also made two new tumblr headers

Aug, 22 Posted by Stefy

Today I’m gonna add her my latest onliner, it’s a wordpress theme for Olesya Rulin Daily. It’s something new, I didn’t made the same type of layout that I usually do but I like the way it turned out. Orders are still open.

Aug, 15 Posted by Stefy

New onliners today: wordpress and coppermine themes! You can give a look to the new additions (the coppermine theme for Porcelain Black was only coded by me, the header was made by the owner) in the portfolio. Orders are still open

 photo 6_zpsw7cfzmdw.png

Aug, 11 Posted by Stefy

New onliner today! I’ve made a coppermine theme for Totally Jennifer’s gallery, you can see it in my portfolio. Remember that orders are opens, if you have any questions about the packages let me know about it!