Jan, 31 Posted by Stefy

I’ve added some new onliners in the past few days so make sure to check out the portfolio! Orders are open for the moment, but remember to read the rules before ordering.

Jan, 12 Posted by Stefy

New onliners today! I’ve made some coppermine and wordpress themes back in December and I just had the time to post them now, I hope you like them. Since I’m still working on some old orders I have to say that orders are still closed, but if you want you can send in your order and as I will re-open orders I will start working on your request.

Nov, 26 Posted by Stefy

New onliner today! I’ve made a new coppermine theme for Kylie Jenner Spain. I will soon make some changes so keep on checking!

Nov, 16 Posted by Stefy

First of all I’m sorry for not posting in so long but I’ve been really busy! Today I’ve added a new onliner, it’s a coppermine theme that I’ve made for “Kourtney Kylie Daily”. Orders are still open and free!

Oct, 21 Posted by Stefy

More onliners on the way! This time I’e added a new wordpress theme and two coppermine themes that I’ve made for Raffey Cassidy Online, a site that is still under construction and it will be up for adoption soon.

Oct, 21 Posted by Stefy

New onliners today! This time there are two new wordpress theme, one of them (Stella Hudgens Daily) is already online, the other one not and since I’ve made it weeks ago I don’t think they’re gonna use it. I will add more onliners later so stay turned. Orders are still open, but if you order please read the rules before and don’t order themes if then you don’t use them!

Sep, 15 Posted by Stefy

Here we go with some new onliners! One is a coppermine theme for kim-heechul.net (I’ve also made a wordpress theme for the same site, as soon as they will use it I will add it here too), I’ve also made two new tumblr headers