Aug, 9 Posted by Stefy

It’s time for a big August discount! Order a wordpress theme (5.00€) and you will get a free coppermine theme!
How does it work? It’s very simple. Read the rules before ordering, fill in the form, in “Other infos” write “August discount” and send the e-mail, remember to put “Broken Heart Designs Order” as object!

May, 7 Posted by Stefy

As I’ve said in my last post “I’m also thinking about a new project, all I can say it’s about free themes once in a while, so stay turned!” Here I will explain to you how to get your chance to win a free theme designed and coded by me! All you have to do is send in your order, just like a normal one, on the 24th of May (Italy’s time zone). I will pick up the first 3 orders that I get and they will win a coppermine or wordpress theme (according to your order). Rules? When you send in your order put “Broken Heart Designs Order: Free theme” as object or I will consider your order as a normal one (this mean that you will pay for your theme), you can find all the other rules here . Orders that don’t respect the rules won’t be considered. Good luck to everyone.

Nov, 22 Posted by Stefy

I’m happy to say that orders are open again!!! I also have to talk about some things that I had to change: some of the packages aren’t free anymore. It was hard for me to take this decision but a lot of people broke the rules in the past few months so now I won’t waste my time to create a theme than then it doesn’t stay online for even two days.
So before you make your own order make sure to read the rules and check out the packages prices (some of them are still free).

Aug, 31 Posted by Stefy

Orders are now closed, I will re-open them next week. I will end working on the last few orders that I’ve got until today. All the orders that will be sent while I’m not accepting won’t be considered.

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