Nov, 22 Posted by Stefy

I’ve added some new icons with Eddie Redmayne today, those icons were requested by Anne. I hope you enjoy the new addition and remember orders are still open and free so send in your own order!

Icons Icons Icons Icons

Nov, 20 Posted by Stefy

As you can see Broken Heart Designs has a new layout! This time it’s a theme featuring Elle Fanning. Let’s celebrate, it’s also my first wordpress theme widget-ready! I like how the header turn out, it’s simple but still beautiful. Remember: orders are still open and free! Let me know what do you think about this new layout!

Nov, 16 Posted by Stefy

First of all I’m sorry for not posting in so long but I’ve been really busy! Today I’ve added a new onliner, it’s a coppermine theme that I’ve made for “Kourtney Kylie Daily”. Orders are still open and free!

Oct, 21 Posted by Stefy

I’ve finally decided to create a tutorial page. I will try to post some tutorials that are useful. If you have any request feel free to send them to me! Check out the tutorials page now! For the moment there aren’t a lot of tutorials, I will add more soon!

Oct, 21 Posted by Stefy

More onliners on the way! This time I’e added a new wordpress theme and two coppermine themes that I’ve made for Raffey Cassidy Online, a site that is still under construction and it will be up for adoption soon.

Oct, 21 Posted by Stefy

New onliners today! This time there are two new wordpress theme, one of them (Stella Hudgens Daily) is already online, the other one not and since I’ve made it weeks ago I don’t think they’re gonna use it. I will add more onliners later so stay turned. Orders are still open, but if you order please read the rules before and don’t order themes if then you don’t use them!

Oct, 16 Posted by Stefy

I’ve added some icons todaysince someone requested them! They’re about Claire Holt, I hope you all like them. Remember orders are still open and free! I am really thinking about addidng a tutorial page and in the “Extras” a font page since some of you asked me some names of the fonts that I use. Stay turned for more graphics, I should add some new onliners pretty soon!

Icons Icons Icons Icons

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