Jan, 24 Posted by Stefy

After what it looks like forever Broken Heart Design has a new layout! Yes! Remember orders are still open!

Jan, 19 Posted by Stefy

First of all happy new year everyone! I know I’m a little bit late but I’ve been sooooo busy! I’ve finally found some time to update the portfolio with the latest work that I’ve made back in 2018, so be sure to go and check it out! Remember orders are still open!

Sep, 19 Posted by Stefy

Elle Fanning Source’s coppermine theme can be found in the portfolio. Remember orders are still open!

Jul, 5 Posted by Stefy

“Adoring Shailene Woodley” header is now in the portfolio. Make sure to check it out! Remember that orders are still open!

May, 27 Posted by Stefy

The icons center has been updated with a few new Maddie Ziegler’s icons so make sure to check them out and feel free to request your own icons! Orders are still open!

Icons Icons Icons Icons

May, 1 Posted by Stefy

Yes, you’ve got it right! From now on you will be able to find Broken Heart Designs on tumblr! I’ve decided to open a tumblr page dedicated to this site to be able to be in contact also with all those people who have a fansite hosted on tumblr so I will post all the updates here and on tumblr and from today you will be able to make your own order from tumblr without any need to send an e-mail. Make sure to check out and follow Broken Heart Designs on tumblr, for this new page I’ve created a new header featuring Zendaya.

Apr, 24 Posted by Stefy

You can now find Raffey Cassidy Source new header in the portfolio, so go and check it out. Remember that orders are still open!