Read the rules before ordering!
♥ Don’t use my themes as a theme base.
♥ If you order then you MUST use the theme/layout! If you don’t wanna use it then don’t order!
♥ Give me only HQ images(not small size or bad quality) for your order (preferable from photoshoots); no screencaptures (I accept screencaptures only for icons or avatars, no design); without tags on the middle of them.
♥ Don’t edit your order, if there’s something you don’t like email me and I’ll edit it for you.
♥ Don’t claim my work as yours.
♥ Give credit: your site must have a linkback to Broken Heart Designs; if the theme comes with credit in the footer don’t remove them.
♥ As I read your order, I’ll tell you if it was or not accepted, if I don’t accept it don’t ask why, it could be because your order doesn’t respect all the rules or I have my own reasons.
♥ Please don’t give your theme to someone else, refer them to my site.
♥ Don’t try to rush me to finish your order, I will finish it as soon as possible.
♥ You have to keep up the designs that you ordered for at least 2 weeks.